X2 Series

X6 Series
October 13, 2023
Q Series
September 21, 2023

X2 Series Servo Motor

Product Type: Motor
Voltage specification: AC220V
Encoder:17Bit absolute value
Power coverage:50W-2.3KW
Rated torque: 10.16N.m-15N.m 
Inertia specifications: MA low inertia, MM medium inertia, MH high inertia, MHH super high inertia, MQ special flange/flat/small flange, MG low speed high torque, MS super high speed

  • With an x8 encoder resolution from 17bit to 20bit, now up to 1.04 million pulses per revolution, the higher positioning accuracy achieved.  
  • Motor Electronic Label
    The encoder stores motor specifications, parameters and other information, the drive will be automatically matched and plug-and-play
  • Higher protection level, easily cope with a variety of harsh applications.