M Series

Q Series
September 21, 2023
HC TP3000 Series
September 21, 2023

M Series controller

M Series High-Performance small and medium-sized controllers

Model: HCM311-16MT4-D, HCM312-32MT6-D, HCM511S-32MT4-D, HCM512-32MT-D
Module type:
CPU unit
Motion control: single-axis control (position, speed, torque, return), multi-axis control (electronic cam & gear, axis group, CNC)
Protocol support: EtherNet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, RS485, CAN (optional), RS232 (optional)

Product Features

Overall Solutions

Q1 standard PACs are the solution t o a control device that integrates logical operations, motion control, visualized interfaces, and multiple communications in a single control device.

Up to 128 axes in 4ms

Help improve production accuracy and efficiency.


The core of the control system lies in its advanced brain, boasting rich communication interfaces that greatly enhance information interaction. Additionally, software-based motion control expands the array of hardware choices available, while the integration of graphical data collection renders variable monitoring a more intuitive process.