E380/E220 Series

E610 Series
September 11, 2023

E380 / E220 Inverters

Product Type: Inverters Voltage
Specification: AC220V, AC380VPower
Coverage: 0.75kW~37kW
Hardware interface: 7-way DI, including 1 high-speed input, 3-way DO, including 1 high-speed output, 3-way analog input, 2-way analog output
Input/output current specification: 0~20mA
Input voltage specification: 0~10V, -10~+10V
Output voltage specification: 0~10V

Product Features

New design

Full series of control boards, keyboard boards and expansion cards are available for use

Powerful function

Excellent overvoltage suppression, fast start/stop and overcurrent suppression

Compact appearance

Up to 40% reduction in size to improve space utilization

Stable performance

Increased life span of major components and 100% coating of circuit boards